Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All the way to the beginning

What if you have never learned to write a program in any language, or for that matter had the desire to do so. I'm not really going to post much today, other than to mention that I am working on a script I'm calling BeginnersVrPython.py. I am building it as a reference for anyone in the office that may want to jump right in programming in VrPython without any real knowledge of python. In my mind that is a bit of a limitation because to really get the most out of the language itself, well, you need to know a little about it. There are however an awful lot of things that can be done with even the most basic background. BeginnersVrPython.py will be a guided step through the simplest commands which should prompt the user to get into the VrPython documentation to expand the capabilities. It has always seemed to me that looking at examples, changing them a little, then taking off in varying directions, is the easiest way to learn programming. When done, the beginners script should offer just that kind of examples in a guided fashion. Eventually it will be posted somewhere, but until then I'll just email it to anyone interested in the current state.

Along the same lines of, going to the very beginning, there is another beginners ebook available called "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning With Python" available. I've looked over a little bit of it and it seems like a good read for someone very early in the game. If you are going to use this, install python 2.5 since that is where VrOne is at as of the current release (3.2 as of 01/07)

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For anyone interested in trying VrPython for the first time or if you are early in the game, I suggest going to the earliest posts and working forward. I use VrPython every day for many wonderful things, needless to say it will change and could potentially damage a file. Any risk associated with using VrPython or any code or scripts mentioned here lies solely with the end user.

The "Personal VrPython page" in the link section will contain many code examples and an organized table of contents to this blog in a fairly un-attractive (for now) form.