Friday, April 06, 2007

The forums are back!

I'll post more on opp2txt more this weekend but I just had to mention that the Vr Forums are back. As I understand it they aren't technical support forums so much as a gathering place for users to share information. In that sense if used properly they could be an invaluable place to discuss problems, questions, tips, tricks and other useful information. Check them out at

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For anyone interested in trying VrPython for the first time or if you are early in the game, I suggest going to the earliest posts and working forward. I use VrPython every day for many wonderful things, needless to say it will change and could potentially damage a file. Any risk associated with using VrPython or any code or scripts mentioned here lies solely with the end user.

The "Personal VrPython page" in the link section will contain many code examples and an organized table of contents to this blog in a fairly un-attractive (for now) form.