Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 5 minute function.

No I'm not actually going to put a lot of time into a post since there doesn't really seem to be much interest in what's going on. However a recent conversation in the Vr Python Forum is a perfect example of the whole purpose of having Python in Vr. If you are a member you can check it out there.

The basic premise is that you need a simple function to automate a fairly simple task, in this case labeling all symbols in specified layers with a piece of text in which the label is the symbols feature code. It could be any attribute, or any entity type, but the point is; rather than waiting for the feature to show up in Vr, with a little practice, you can write it yourself (usually from existing snippets) in about 5 minutes and be on your way.

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For anyone interested in trying VrPython for the first time or if you are early in the game, I suggest going to the earliest posts and working forward. I use VrPython every day for many wonderful things, needless to say it will change and could potentially damage a file. Any risk associated with using VrPython or any code or scripts mentioned here lies solely with the end user.

The "Personal VrPython page" in the link section will contain many code examples and an organized table of contents to this blog in a fairly un-attractive (for now) form.