Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's all part of the process (or subprocess as the case may be)

On occasion I make the case for installing python in order to extend the usefulness of the environment in Vr, or at least getting hold of some of the most useful standard libraries.  Well here is another good reason.  This is just a snippet that I will use later but I figure this is as good a place as any to keep track of it.

Before too long I want to write a script that will depend on running an external process, then interacting with the results of the process (no spoilers yet).  In order to do that I'm going to make something similar to the following call to process some files leaving the results in the working directory. The research I did here was to make sure I had a way to not proceed until the original process was complete.  Later I'll need to make sure I can run a shell command and capture the resulting output but this will do for now.

import subprocess
process = subprocess.Popen('lasboundary -i *rgb1.las -otxt')
print process.returncode
print '\a'
the last line is just to beep so I knew when it was done.

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For anyone interested in trying VrPython for the first time or if you are early in the game, I suggest going to the earliest posts and working forward. I use VrPython every day for many wonderful things, needless to say it will change and could potentially damage a file. Any risk associated with using VrPython or any code or scripts mentioned here lies solely with the end user.

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