Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reminder snippets - liblas and reading laz files

The other thing that I used to do with this blog is post things that I wanted to remember.  At one point the Vr forums were a good place to do this because it also gave an opportunity to share and collaborate.  Since that doesn't really seem to be happening any more I suppose I could drop things here and then come back to them later if necessary.  Yes I could just do this in a document but who knows maybe a new opportunity for some kind of sharing community will pop up again.

In this case I just want to remind myself that if Vr never adopts the .LAZ LiDAR compression format for reading, it would still be possible using liblas. This is simple a little interactive session that shows it is theoretically possible using my own data.

There may indeed be other better ways, but this seems to work fine.

>>> import liblas
>>> f=liblas.file.File(r'c:\tmp\N1915250.laz',mode='r')
>>> f

>>> p.classification
>>> p.x
>>> f.header.compressed
>>> f.filename

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